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Carol Orleck was requested by the court to represent Peyton during the divorce hearings. Early on I remember some statements from Carol Orleck that later made me think I had no chance getting any custody with my son Peyton.

I remember her citing that it was much better for the father to be involved in the kids lives regardless.  She also said that she didn’t like the idea I was living out of state

This was another case she was involved in.  Carol Orleck has subscribed to the men’s rights to have their children movement.  That is fine but them men that are getting the children are batterers and hitting the children or wife.  If you bring up family violence with her she dismisses it. It is like she almost blames the victim of the violence.  She got angry when my daughter who was 12 at the time wrote a letter about the abuse that was going on.  She willingly places children into homes where the children grow up scared and fearful of one parent and  then have little contact with the other parent.

I begged for psychological examinations be done on the family and I was going to pay for them.  Carol Orleck refused to let them happen.  As a guardian ad litem you should be representing the child.  Mrs. Orleck was representing my ex husband throughout the proceedings.  Mrs. Orleck did not write any of the child’s wishes in the report but only said he was confused.  I don’t understand how lawyers are qualified to practice psychology

I want to say one more thing about Guardian Ad Litems in Georgia.  There is no agency that you can complain to about the treatment of them.  They are God and they act just like God.  Nobody is regulating their behavior and checking to see if they are an effective GAL.
I believe that there is more corruption in the Newnan Superior Court Circuit that previously thought. I believe it will come out one day.


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