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Sue Olsen

I wanted to post this article about a women who had an encounter with Sue Olsen. This women was prosecuted for protecting her children from violence.  This needs to stop and people need to speak out about injustice in the court system. 


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Attorney R Keith Prater’s remarks removed from AVVO   Leave a comment

Keith Prater the attorney I believe is unethical has removed the attacks on clients who left a negative review on his AVVO site as well as other sites. You can find the original remarks on this page. The remarks are unprofessional if not unethical. He mentions names and references case information which should be private. The comments on this site are cut and pasted without any altercation. I also have screenshots of them on my phone.  Keith Prater was part of the reason my case was so bad. I had a lawyer who was not fighting for me. Not only did he not fight for me but seemed to help the other side.

Example of Keith Praters Unprofessional Conduct after a negative review.   Leave a comment

Example of Keith Praters Unprofessional Conduct after a negative review.