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Another Horror Story From the state of Georgia, Paulding County   Leave a comment

Another sad case from the same circuit of Judges in Coweta County

How Child Protection Services Buys and Sells Our Children

To Whom It May Concern,

Today is May 29, 2010. My daughter has been in Georgia State Custody since October 2008. I have completed caseplan as designated by Paulding County Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS) only to have a Judge (Sandra W. Miller) order me to redo items without just cause. I’ve been treated like a convicted criminal, restrained from meaningful contact with my daughter Tamia Michelle Williams and denied all contact with my son Deshaun Caleb Williams. The incident which brought my children into care was allowing my daughter to witness domestic violence. The very individual that was deemed as a victim by Douglas County Sheriff’s Office has refused to testify, does not wish to pursue charges and feels there is no basis for the charges from the state and has made a sworn affidavit to this and filed it with the Douglas County Superior Court. I…

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Judge Kirby talking about Guardian Ad Litems   Leave a comment

This was my judge in my case. He slept throughout the testimony and didn’t really listen. He made his decision before court before evidence was submitted. I didn’t get a chance to try and get my own GAL that we agreed on Judge Kirby just appointed one. A very corrupt one.

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Previous Judge in Coweta County to be dismissed for corruption   Leave a comment

This judge was buying drugs and got caught. He was one of the corrupt judges who sat on the Coweta County Superior Court making decisions that affected families everyday. This article outlines how bad it was.

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Coweta County Update and News   Leave a comment

I wanted to post a link about another case in Coweta County Georgia Superior Court. I know I am not the only victim of this courts injustice. However I don’t have money or an advocate to help me. This person does and her case is getting some attention of how Coweta County has a system that promotes injustice and is about who can pay for a better attorney. I tried to get an advocate and reached out to several people but was turned away. I knew the only way I could be heard is if the news picked up my story. It would have made a difference in my case. Plus it would have exposed the people to what is going on in these courts much sooner. I am tired of hearing about this happening again and again in this court system. Coweta County needs to shake up their system and create accountability for people who are corrupt in the system.

Above is the link to the advocate center they are taking complaints about Guardian Ad Litems in Georgia since there in not an accountable system there. They can do whatever they want with no consequence.

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