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A Response to Tony Jones’s Statement   Leave a comment

Jones’s statement is not the entire story. It is, rather, half of the story as presented through a very particular, political lens. Jones’s statement, when put in the context of the act…

Source: A Response to Tony Jones’s Statement

This story really bothers me.

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Keith Prater Bully   Leave a comment

I received a letter from my old attorney Keith Prater in response to this blog. It was a letter stating I needed to cease and desist.  He sent a letter stating I needed to take my blog down and any information about him.  I will scan a copy of the letter and post it.

Keith Praters actions negatively impacted my custody case in Georgia.  He fired me as a client on multiple occasions the last one being before my final hearing causing unneeded stress and anxiety for me.  He did not keep up with billing and sent me a bill after my parents and I had a meeting with him paid him in full. He was baid to file motions that were filed late. Judge Kirby stated the motions were denied for timely filing.  My parents can also attest to this.  Keith Prater would continuously say he needed more money. The attorney I hired after Keith Prater did a hundred times the work Keith Prater did for a fraction of the cost.  He was a much better attorney and obtained better results.

I find it egregious that Keith Prater would bad mouth me on sites where I have complained about him giving details to the public that should have been protected by lawyer client privileged.  I find it egregious that I would receive a substantial bill after paying in full for work that was filed late.  I also find sending me a letter threatening to take further action if I don’t pull my site down bullying.   I will post a copy of the last bill he sent along with the letter demanding I take this site down.

I now have custody   1 comment

I really need to update this site but have had a very hard time posting this. My sons father passed away. He died of a drug overdose.   I had been telling the courts about his problem but it fell on deaf ears. No one listened or cared at the time.  Had the court required him to get help to see his son he may have been alive today.  The court chose to ignore me and gave my son to an active heroin user. Now my son is without a father at all.

I don’t understand why Carol Orleck,  Keith Prater,  Sue Olsen, or Judge Kirby did what they did to me.  I am not the only one being hurt by this system.  Countless number of kids and parents are being delibertely harmed by the family courts that should protect them. Our system needs to be completely overhauled.

I will write more information soon but wanted to post this update.

My heart cries for the moms and dads who can’t hold their children tonight because the system let them down.  I understand the heartache.


A Call to Action ~ Together We Are Stronger (C2A)

Mike Boulette, an attorney practicing family law, offers his thoughts on the City Pages article “The Proxy” by Susan Du, featuring several parents involved with A Call to Action.

Mr. Boulette’s article is titled “City Pages Article Targets Guardian ad Litem Program”:

Some points I want to clarify:

The post begins with a dramatic flair: “And, in arguing for change, the article focuses all the ire and pain of thousands of divorced and separated families on a single, Hennepin County Guardian ad Litem…”

Actually, the article in the City Pages focused on 5 separate families who are a part of A Call to Action, and who all had Jamie L. Manning appointed to their case as Guardian ad Litem. There are also other families who have expressed concerns with Ms. Manning who are not included. These families initially began to talk after responding to a blog article, and then gathered in…

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Should a Guardian ad Litem Facilitate Mediation? My Experiences with GAL & Mediation   Leave a comment

Family Court Injustice

Should a Guardian ad Litem (GAL) be allowed to mediate between parties, assisting in coming to agreements about custody and parenting time, and facilitating communication? The Minnesota Rules of Guardian ad Litem Procedure say no. However, Guardians often assume the responsibility of mediator, or facilitate back and forth communication between parties, voluntarily. Judges also frequently call Guardians to be present during mediation, which often results in the Guardian performing mediation or influencing the process.

 Let’s start the discussion…What are YOUR thoughts on the role of a Guardian ad Litem? Should they perform mediation? And what should happen if a GAL violates the rules, and acts outside of their duties? Post your thoughts and experiences (use anon name to protect your identity) in the comments below!



In 2008, Hennepin County 4th Judicial District, Guardian ad Litem, Jamie L. Manning facilitated a mediation between my abusive ex…

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Usher Raymond vs. Tamkea Raymond: Divorce court favors money, power and influence | Communities Digital News   Leave a comment

Usher Raymond vs. Tamkea Raymond: Divorce court favors money, power and influence | Communities Digital News.


Example of how in Georgia power and money matter.  Justice and welfare of children does not.

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