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I received a letter from my old attorney Keith Prater in response to this blog. It was a letter stating I needed to cease and desist.  He sent a letter stating I needed to take my blog down and any information about him.  I will scan a copy of the letter and post it.

Keith Praters actions negatively impacted my custody case in Georgia.  He fired me as a client on multiple occasions the last one being before my final hearing causing unneeded stress and anxiety for me.  He did not keep up with billing and sent me a bill after my parents and I had a meeting with him paid him in full. He was baid to file motions that were filed late. Judge Kirby stated the motions were denied for timely filing.  My parents can also attest to this.  Keith Prater would continuously say he needed more money. The attorney I hired after Keith Prater did a hundred times the work Keith Prater did for a fraction of the cost.  He was a much better attorney and obtained better results.

I find it egregious that Keith Prater would bad mouth me on sites where I have complained about him giving details to the public that should have been protected by lawyer client privileged.  I find it egregious that I would receive a substantial bill after paying in full for work that was filed late.  I also find sending me a letter threatening to take further action if I don’t pull my site down bullying.   I will post a copy of the last bill he sent along with the letter demanding I take this site down.


Carol Orleck GAL in Coweta Georgia on this case   Leave a comment

Georgia law states that the child should go to the parent that is better to take care of the child. I was going over some of my notes.

We brought all of these medical complaints to the attention to Carol Orleck several times but ended up taking care of Peyton’s medical needs because it was being ignored. In May 2011 Peyton was squinting at the TV. When asked about it he said that he had failed the eye exam at school and needed glasses. We let Mrs. Orleck know about it in May reminded her about it several times and she said she would inform the family. It never happened. We finally got them on our own for Peyton in September and paid out of pocket for them so he could see.

We also notified Mrs Orleck of an abscessed tooth that was not being taken care of.  They finally got it fixed after I took Peyton to Urgent care twice over the course of three months for antibiotics.  The tooth took over a year for them to fix it.

I was only allowed to visit Peyton every other week at my parents.  I didn’t see him that often and I lived in Minnesota so I would fly down constantly to see him.  On one visit I noticed him scratching his head a lot and asked about it.  He said it had been very itchy.  I looked at his hair and he had lice.  I couldn’t treat him because the whole house needed to be treated so we told his father he had lice.

Two weeks later Peyton still had it.  I took him to a doctor who confirmed he had lice and I even pulled one off of his head.  Mrs. Orleck still would not see that he was treated and the family treated the whole house.  Two weeks later I did the same and sent it to his school.  I called the Fayette County Board of Education’s nurse who confirmed he had lice.  Because of all the crap my son had lice for a month and a half.  He wasn’t the only one in the family who had lice but they didn’t care about that.  They just cared about being right about Peyton not having lice.  This was neglect in a very bad way and Carol Orleck allowed the neglect.

Peyton made a statement on Jan. 11 2011 and said that Carol Orleck wanted him to go to his dad.  This was in the first part of her supposed investigation.  I believe this is true and I believe that Carol Orleck is not putting kids first and should not be allowed to be a guardian ad litem at the least.

One note.  I kept copies of everything an will start scanning the proof of what I am saying into the computer very soon.

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