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I received a letter from my old attorney Keith Prater in response to this blog. It was a letter stating I needed to cease and desist.  He sent a letter stating I needed to take my blog down and any information about him.  I will scan a copy of the letter and post it.

Keith Praters actions negatively impacted my custody case in Georgia.  He fired me as a client on multiple occasions the last one being before my final hearing causing unneeded stress and anxiety for me.  He did not keep up with billing and sent me a bill after my parents and I had a meeting with him paid him in full. He was baid to file motions that were filed late. Judge Kirby stated the motions were denied for timely filing.  My parents can also attest to this.  Keith Prater would continuously say he needed more money. The attorney I hired after Keith Prater did a hundred times the work Keith Prater did for a fraction of the cost.  He was a much better attorney and obtained better results.

I find it egregious that Keith Prater would bad mouth me on sites where I have complained about him giving details to the public that should have been protected by lawyer client privileged.  I find it egregious that I would receive a substantial bill after paying in full for work that was filed late.  I also find sending me a letter threatening to take further action if I don’t pull my site down bullying.   I will post a copy of the last bill he sent along with the letter demanding I take this site down.


Keith Prater’s Actions during this case   Leave a comment

I am not the richest person in the world.  I am also not able to communicate well due to a disability Aspergers.  Keith Prater was hired for four different suits I was having going on hat the time.  I paid him every time he asked me too. During the time I worked with Keith Prater he fired me as a lawyer three times.  The last time he fired me was the most critical because it was two weeks before my final hearing.

the first request for withdraw was on 08-16-2011.  This withdrawal was right after I had gotten a temporary order of protection here in Minnesota and for some reason it made him angry. I also would have gotten the order of protection except Carol Orleck the GAL spoke to the GAL here and told her I coached the kids which was untrue.  It was unethical at the least for Carol Orleck to even make that phone call.  the  I didn’t speak with Keith Prater about the order because I was speaking with a lawyer here regarding Minnesota the tpo  So Keith left me with a contempt charge after I got back to Georgia without an attorney.  He demanded more money if I were to keep him.  I wanted to ditch him then but my parents said to give him one more chance.  I reluctantly kept him on and he did nothing but ask for money and more money.  It was almost like he was working for the other party.

My ex Shaun got together with my other kids father and really decided to give me a hard time.  The other father filed in court and Keith was supposed to represent me on that one.  Keith Prater called a day before the hearing and asked if I were going to be there.  I said I am in Minnesota, how am I supposed to be there.  Keith Prater said not to worry about it because the other lawyer had another case in another city and wouldn’t be there. Well that wasn’t the truth and since I was not there I got my oldest taken away from me and the judge suspended all child support even though I still had my daughter and it took eight months to have the order reversed.
I confronted Keith about this on the phone where he told me I needed to stop being the victim. He said he was going to fire me again. This was right before the big case with Peyton. At this point I didn’t care. I knew I could do a much better job than Richard Keith Prater.
He sent me a bill afterward that was completely messed up and had payments I made totally missed. He contributed to me having my son away from me. There is other stuff about Keith Prater that I will report later.
I also complained about him to the licensing board for attorneys. After the board referred the complaint he sent me another bill for charges I didn’t owe. The last time I paid him it was for filing motions in court for my divorce and also a motion to undo the court action against me where my son was taken away because I wasn’t in court. He filed the motion in the divorce case late and didn’t file it until my dad called and got involved because the payment was on his credit card. The judge stated that it was too old to consider when the motion went before the judge hurting my case again.