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I now have custody   1 comment

I really need to update this site but have had a very hard time posting this. My sons father passed away. He died of a drug overdose.   I had been telling the courts about his problem but it fell on deaf ears. No one listened or cared at the time.  Had the court required him to get help to see his son he may have been alive today.  The court chose to ignore me and gave my son to an active heroin user. Now my son is without a father at all.

I don’t understand why Carol Orleck,  Keith Prater,  Sue Olsen, or Judge Kirby did what they did to me.  I am not the only one being hurt by this system.  Countless number of kids and parents are being delibertely harmed by the family courts that should protect them. Our system needs to be completely overhauled.

I will write more information soon but wanted to post this update.

My heart cries for the moms and dads who can’t hold their children tonight because the system let them down.  I understand the heartache.